Welcome back to our blog series on giving experiences as gifts! In our first blog, we discussed the “why” behind experience-gift giving and the many advantages that come from this. Today, New Victorian Inn & Suites is going to give you some tangible ideas to make gift giving that much easier. Learn more, and book your hotel stay with our LincolnSioux City, Norfolk, Omaha, or Kearney location!

Weekend Getaway

Your loved one will love getting away for a night or two. Whether it’s your significant other, friend, sibling, or parent, you both deserve a night out of town! Traveling with someone, whether it’s a cross-country road trip or a staycation, is always one of the best ways to connect with someone. Your experiences together will make for some amazing memories later. And of course, if you need a place to stay, you can’t beat booking your hotel with our Lincoln location. You’ll have an incredible, luxurious room with an equally incredible continental breakfast — book online today!

Spa Day

Everyone needs to be pampered. By taking a loved one out for a spa day, you’ll have a chance to destress, decompress, and unwind. Book a massage, spend time at an actual spa, take a dip in some hot springs or in a sauna, try a facial — the options are endless! You’ll both feel outstanding afterwards, and you’ll be glad for the time spent relaxing together.

Movie and Dinner

There are countless new movies out, and there’s certainly something out there for everyone. Taking a loved one out for dinner and a movie date is a great way to connect. They’ll love getting to spend time with you, they’ll certainly love getting dinner paid for, and to finish the night off with a good film? What could be better?

New Activity

Have you ever heard of axe throwing? Have you ever done an outdoor ropes course? Have you always wanted to learn how to build a charcuterie board but haven’t taken the time to do so? The holidays are excellent for making these things possible — and it’s perfect timing for the new year! Find a nearby class, check Groupon for deals on the latest events and activities, and sign up you and your loved one for the holidays!

When you spend time with your loved one instead of just giving them a physical present, they’ll appreciate it so much more. They’ll have memories and an experience, not just a box full of something that they’ll use once or twice (if at all). You could give someone a bath bomb and some nail polish, or you could take them to a spa. You could give someone a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or you could just take them there! We all have too much stuff as it is — go for an experience as a gift instead this holiday season. Enjoy the holidays, and book a hotel stay with New Victorian Inn & Suites for the ultimate experience!