Welcome back to our blog series on nighttime driving! As we’ve talked about in the past, driving at night is downright dangerous. At New Victorian Inn & Suites, we’d much rather you stay with us instead of risk it all on the road.

While some might think it’s admirable to try pushing through on your next road trip, we think you’ll feel better and be safer if you stay at one of our hotels in Norfolk, Omaha, LincolnSioux City, or Kearney. See why a stay with New Victorian Inn & Suites is best, and book your visit today!

#1: Get the rest you need.

Slamming a Red Bull at 11 p.m. in a vain attempt to keep your eyes peeled to the road sounds miserable, but pulling an all-nighter on the road sounds even worse. Your mental health, immune system, memory, and cognitive function are all affected when you pull an all-nighter or don’t get enough sleep, as explained in an article by Bustle. While you might run on some adrenaline temporarily, you’ll eventually crash and feel pretty terrible, and it will take a good amount of time to catch up on sleep.

Instead, you could fall asleep in a heavenly, comfy, luxurious king-size bed at our Lincoln hotel. Rather than driving in the dark, you could be settled into your quiet room, playing one of those movies that seem to always be on cable (think “The Mummy” or “Legally Blonde”), drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

#2: Find proper nourishment.

Your car snacks can only take you so far. As delicious as that trail mix was around Hour 2 of your drive, it’s not the nourishment you need by Hour 7. Roadside Taco Bell might hurt your body later, and gas station hot dogs should nearly always be a last resort. But such is the life when you’re on the road.

At New Victorian Inn & Suites, however, we offer a sensational array of breakfast foods for everyone to enjoy. You simply can’t beat free breakfast, and what’s more, our continental breakfast spread gives you the sustenance you need to travel well and feel good while doing so. Put the can of sour cream and onion Pringles down — they’re tasty, but they’re not nutritious, and they’re not going to make your drive a pleasant one.

#3: Relax and unwind.

Driving at night is peaceful in some ways, but the second that fatigue starts to set in or visibility worsens, it’s inherently stressful. The minutes seem like hours, and you just keep going faster and faster, trying to get to your destination so you can finally lay your head down on the pillow.

If you cut the nighttime driving short by staying at our hotel, you’ll have a wonderful pool to relax by, where a refreshing dip will cleanse the day right off of you. You’ll also have the potential for an in-room jacuzzi, where you can draw yourself a nice hot bath and feel like you’re at a spa. Trust us when we say it’s worth the extra day of driving to provide yourself with ample self-care.

New Victorian Inn & Suites is the place you can rely on for your middle-of-your-road-trip stop, your vacation destination, and your affordable hotel for a classic getaway. Skip the nighttime driving — stay safe and satisfied with a night at New Victorian Inn & Suites!