“What do you want for Christmas?” “How much are we spending on gifts this year?” “I have to get 12 people gifts, how do I afford that?!”

These are the questions that are asked every holiday season. We spend so much money and so much time thinking about presents. Our hotel in Lincoln believes there has to be a better way. New Victorian Inn & Suites is going to dive into another gift giving opportunity in today’s blog. When you give experiences instead of physical presents, people tend to be happier and you’ll feel more fulfilled — here’s why:

Experiences Cost Less

Giving four of your closest friends gifts for the holidays can get expensive. Even if you set a maximum amount, like $25 per person, this means you’re spending $100 — but as we all know, sticking to a maximum amount of money is challenging to do, so you very well might spend more.

If you provide an experience for all four of you, it will likely cost you all less. Taking people out to dinner is probably less expensive than buying presents, as is booking a night in an affordable hotel like New Victorian Inn & Suites! Plus you’ll have memories that last a lifetime, which leads us to our next point…

Experiences Are More Memorable

If you give someone a mug, a hot cocoa kit, and a gift card to their favorite store, they’ll use these gifts and definitely appreciate them, but there will be no further connection. Once you give the gift, you’re no longer involved — they’re going to use (or not use) their presents without you.

By giving someone an experience, you’re taking a more active role as a gift giver. At the very least, your loved one will remember their gift/experience more fondly than an object they’ll use once in a while. At the very most, you’ll get to partake in the experience as well, and you and your loved one will have a chance to bond and make memories.

Experiences Mean More

Would you rather get a gift card for $100? Or would you rather get to spend time with a loved one doing something fun? Most would rather opt for the latter. Spending time with the ones we love becomes an even more precious gift as we get older, and people remember experiences more than they’ll remember money or objects. You could give your most memorable and special gift to someone, and you being there is definitely part of the gift!

The great thing about giving experiences as presents is that there are endless options — not to mention, you don’t have to stand in line at malls and shop through bleary eyes in the wee hours of Black Friday. You don’t have to deal with holiday traffic and Target parking lots and things running out, either. Giving experiences is one of the best presents of all, and if you’re in need of ideas, treat your loved one to a night at New Victorian Inn & Suites! With hotels in Norfolk, Omaha LincolnSioux City, and Kearney, it’s never been easier to get away and have some fun with the ones you love. Book your stay today!