In our previous blog, we covered some of the road trip games you and your family can play while you’re cruising down the highway. There are so many fun things to do to not only pass the time, but enjoy the time while you’re on vacation. We at New Victorian Inn & Suites are more than happy to share our ideas with you — take a look at some road trip activities, and book your visit with one of our Norfolk, Lincoln,  Sioux City, Kearney, and Omaha hotels!

Listen to an Audiobook

Audiobooks have exploded with popularity in the last several years. Part of this is due to accessibility — with bluetooth technology in cars and downloadable options on our phones and tablets, we can play a variety of audiobooks with ease while we traverse the American highways. There are tons of family-friendly options if you have kids with you, many of which will be highly enjoyable for adults as well. From “Harry Potter” to “A Game of Thrones” and everything in between, there’s an audiobook out there for everyone to make those long hours driving through Nebraska go just a little faster.

Prepare a Playlist

Sometimes, the best thing for a road trip is sitting back and listening to some timely, vacation-inspired music. Other times, the best thing is to belt out every Broadway musical hit at the top of your lungs (usually around hour 10). No matter what the genre or occasion, having the right playlist ready to go is essential to have on deck for any and all road trips. As you’re driving and get a chance to connect to WiFi, feel free to add some new songs to the trip list, and download them in case you run into some dead spots on the road. Or, pass the phone around for each person to play a song that they love. Chances are, the songs you listen to on the road will be ones that you’ll forever associate with that trip, and that kind of nostalgia is the best.

Try a Puzzle

For anyone who doesn’t get motion sickness, picking up some word search, crossword, or sudoku puzzles from the grocery store are always a great and mindful distraction. Especially for your kiddos who love trying to figure things out and problem-solve, they will appreciate the mental stimulation. However, our Nebraska hotels also recognize that sometimes kids can get sick, or might be too young to hold a pencil and write — especially in a moving car. There are a number of amazing puzzles for kids (or adults to try) that don’t require reading and writing. Pick up a Rubik’s cube for the trip, or grab some puzzle balls for kids to take apart and try to put back together.

As fun as road trips are, sometimes you need some distractions, and sometimes you need to stop and get out of the car all together. When that’s the case, be sure to visit New Victorian Inn & Suites! With pools, a sensational continental breakfast bar, and incredible rooms, our hotels just simply can’t be beat. Book your stay with us today!