Deciding whether to board or bring your pet can be a tough call to make. You want them along for the ride, but will it be too much of a hassle? Is it easier to leave them at home? Can the places you’re trying to go and stay even accommodate your favorite floof?

As a pet-friendly hotel in Omaha (with additional locations in Norfolk, LincolnSioux City, and Kearney), we’re here to help you weigh out the pros and cons of bringing your dog, cat, salamander, or parakeet on your next trip. We understand if you’d rather leave them behind, but just know that they are always welcome with us! See the details of boarding or bringing your pet, and book your stay with New Victorian Inn and Suites!

Bringing Your Pet: Pros

Saving Money: It can often be much more affordable to bring your pet along instead of boarding them. Pet-friendly hotels usually have a fee for having your dog or cat along, but it’s minimal compared to paying for boarding expenses.

Not Having to Figure Out Boarding: If you don’t board with an established service, you need to find a friend or family member who’s good with your pets and is free and able to take care of them. That’s a lot of hoops to jump through when you just want to be planning your fun vacation — bringing your pet avoids that hassle.

Less Stress for Your Pet (And You): Certain animals do just fine when you’re away (though they miss you terribly, of course). Others can hardly function, and have too much anxiety to be cared for by another. Sometimes it can simply be easier to take your favorite four-legged creature with you instead of worrying about whether they’re doing OK.

Similarly, you might feel less stress by having your loved one with. Pets can eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety, and for many people, traveling elicits a lot of worry and negative feelings. If you’d feel better bringing Beethoven with and you can, you absolutely should! Our pet-friendly hotel is glad to have you, and the pets too.

Bringing Your Pet: Cons

Struggle in New Situations: Bringing your pet might mean less stress, but it might also mean more for you (and them) if they don’t do well in new environments. Especially in certain types of traveling, such as business trips, it wouldn’t be a good call to bring them along since you won’t be able to care for them, and they’ll be in a new place. Added stress on your pets can lead to added negative behaviors. Ultimately, you know your pet best and know what they can handle.

Tough Times on the Road: Traveling with dogs means taking more pit stops, and sometimes having to entertain them while you’re on the road. It’s not bad if you’re OK with more travel time, but if you’re on a tighter schedule, it’s probably not best to bring them along. Plus, having a rambunctious dog in the car for several hours can result in distracted driving (or at the very least, a bit of a headache).

You’ll always know if bringing your pet is a good idea, but if you do decide to bring them on your next trip, know that New Victorian Inn & Suites is the pet-friendly hotel that would love to have you both! We know that it can be tough to leave your terrier at home or go on a trip without your golden retriever, and we’re happy to accommodate you, however we can. Book your stay with us at any one of our Nebraska or Illinois locations today!